1996 Porsche 911 C4

Up for sale is a 1996 911 993 C4, 6 speed manual Midnight Blue Metallic with Sand Beige Interior and the desirable black dash, steering wheel and door tops.

1st owner: Owned until 90,000 miles

2nd owner: Owned for 8,400 miles

The seller purchased the car from the second owner in 2006 at 98,430 miles. Current mileage is 122,185 miles. The car has been serviced yearly and any issues that have arisen have been addressed. It has been a very dependable car. It has usual 122K 24yo vehicle patina—small front bumper cover rock chips, a few wheel scrapes, though looks amazing for age. The paint is mostly original, with some respray on rockers panels and lower fenders over the years. The car does not leak oil if driven every day, though if it sits for more than a week will leave some drips. The only reason for tow hook on bumper is that I winched the car onto a trailer regularly as I was able to save money by storing the car on the trailer at no extra charge.

The good: It’s a 993, and its dark blue. You will drive this car and enjoy it every day. It looks great and is very dependable. The fabspeed sport exhaust sounds amazing. It’s not too loud, just a low, deep rumble at idle and under normal driving. The original ECU and motor sound option parts.

The bad: The stock exhaust is not available, the detachable LCD radio face plate is unreadable and there are two small clear coat defects in the clear coat, barely visible in these pics. Records are available starting 2008, however the first two owners lived in Louisville, and Bluegrass Porsche may have additional records as service was done there before purchase by seller. Service records attached, everything was evaluated and anything in need was updated/replaced.


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